Ice cream and pasta are so different, but so good.

I would never eat them together; maybe someone would.

I love the sweet taste of sugar and cream.

It’s combined all together to make everyone beam.

So unique, with all its texture and flavor,

It could really make anyone just want to savor.

I’m so glad that ice cream exists.

Without it, life would be dull; I insist.

Ice cream and pasta: so different, so good.

If someone doesn’t like them, they are misunderstood.

Many different shapes and sizes of this food, there’s no restraints.

Variety allows us to have no complaints.

Yes, it takes a process to make and eat.

But it’s worth it if you wait, it just needs to be complete.

It wouldn’t be so tasty if you ate it raw.

It needs to go through stages, and then voila.

Ice cream and pasta: similar now.

Both go through some changes to get where they are; that’s how.

You appreciate the flavors and all things on the surface that appear,

But no one sees the work and the effort put in each year.

Both appear so beautiful and have much to appreciate.

But there’s more to them than you can see, you just needed to wait.

So much went into the pasta and the ice cream,

They’ve had rough stages too it’s not just what they seem.

Ice cream and pasta: we love you both,

You’re different from one another but you’ve both had so much growth.

We love you.

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